MOU Meeting for Families - Thurs, August 24th at 8:15am

Good Evening Asawa SOTA,

Please see below for a message from our principal regarding the MOU.

The PTSA will be hosting a meeting tomorrow in the school cafeteria at 8:15am (Thursday, August 24th) and Mr.Payne will be available to answer questions.  

We are currently working on focusing our efforts so our community can speak with one voice. More details to follow including Board of Education members' contact info and what we as a community can do to help.


Dear Ruth Asawa SOTA Community Members:

For many years, our school has been partnering with a non-profit organization called Friends of the School of the Arts (FOSOTA) to raise money for artists-in-residence who work with our instructors to enrich the learning for our students.

Whenever an SFUSD school partners with a non-profit, the school must enter into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and the SF Board of Education (BOE) must approve the MOU. At their first Board meeting of the new school year on August 22, the Board decided to postpone voting on the MOU with FOSOTA. The Board plans to discuss the issues associated with the MOU on September 5.

At this time, the artists-in-residence who work for FOSOTA will not be providing services pending Board approval of an MOU. While this does cause some disruption for planned arts instruction, I am confident that our department chairs and other Ruth Asawa SOTA teachers will continue to prioritize student learning in their arts’ disciplines. We hope this issue will be resolved between the SF Board of Education and FOSOTA in the near future and I will keep you updated.


Barnaby Payne, Principal
Ruth Asawa SOTA, SFUSD