Thank you to all our volunteers.

As the PTSA board starts getting ready for the upcoming school year, we wanted to take one last opportunity to say thank you to all our amazing volunteers this past year.  It’s an endless list. Too many to list them all here, but a super warm and fuzzy thank you to anyone and everyone who helped out at any of the shows, meetings, principal chats, field trips, events, audition days, and more.

We would like to do a special shout out to our outgoing parents that made the super duper awesome volunteer list.   A big round of applause and thank you goes out to:

Sue Schechter, PTSA president
Joe Kelly, PTSA treasurer
Shellie Wiener, PTSA membership
Alan Geist, former PTSA treasurer
Paula Dinnell, Audition Days
Nancy Murphy, Audition Days
Nancy Roeser, former PTSA membership & Volunteer
Michael Schumann, Photographer & Volunteer
Asa Williams, World Music & Dance Auction
Ellen Cox, Beautification & Gardening
Kate Stacy, MT Parent Liaison & ITW Volunteer Coordinator
Lili Gaudreau, Tech Parent Liaison & former Parent Liaison Lead
Sandra Spence, Creative Writing Parent Liaison
Marcia & Paul Marinko, Guitar Parent Liaisons
Natalie Simotas, former Classical Voice Parent Liaison
Janet Tarlov,  Classical Voice Parent Liaison
Wynne Bamberg, Jazz Vocal Parent Liaison

Thank you for all your efforts & please come back to visit with us soon!  

For those of you that are continuing or joining us this next school year, please let us know if you are interested in volunteering.  There are a wide range of opportunities.   You can sign up on our website and we will reach out to you shortly!