Task Force Report from the Principal

Dear Asawa SOTA Commuinty:

I wanted to let the community know that the task force mandated by last Spring's SFUSD board resolution has had its first meeting.  Asawa SOTA students, teachers, parent groups, FoSOTA, and site administration are all well represented. Along with these folks are individuals representing SFUSD Central Office Leadership and VAPA Leadership. All in all a great group of people representing essential viewpoints.

I know I speak for all when I say we got off to great start and are tackling head on many big and truly critical questions:

•        What does equity mean as it relates to an arts education generally, and more specifically to attending Asawa SOTA?

•        How would a school system identify and serve students with “artistic potential”? How would a school system know that it hasn’t missed a student with artistic potential?

*      What are the district and Asawa SOTA responsibilities in developing and applicant pool.

*     What changes can be made to the application/audition process to help make it as equitable as possible.

Outcomes from these discussions will be shared when the task force generates its first report,  probably within a couple of months. In the meantime I wanted all to know that the process looks good, we are all feeling very positive, and I am confident the team efforts will produce truly meaningful work.


Brian Kohn
Principal, Ruth Asawa San Francisco School of the Arts
555 Portola Drive
San Francisco, CA 94131
T: 415-695-5700
E: kohnb@sfusd.edu