Today is Giving Tuesday! • Let’s Hit 100% This School Year!

Thank you to all the families and friends who have contributed towards reaching our fundraising goal as a community. In only 107 days, since the school year began, you've raised 49.85% of the goal of 100% participation across all of the departments. Your generosity and commitment have helped support more than 19 on-campus events, 7 off-site events, and almost 80 artists-in-residence who mentor, train, and teach more than 600 students, across 17 strands of arts instruction.

There are always handfuls of students collaborating, putting on small performances, organizing workshops, competitions, and so many extra-curricular activities, many of which have been supported by your donations to the Annual Fund, and managed by the Friends of School of the Arts Foundation (FoSOTA).

Today, and until the end of the year, help us reach our 100% mark, through a variety of retailers and organizations: AmazonSmile, Sports Basement, Schoola, Community Thrift, or just by making a one-time or monthly pledge directly to FoSOTA.

Giving also includes volunteering!  If you are looking for way to volunteer at Asawa SOTA, please check out our volunteering page on the PTSA website.  Opportunities to volunteer are updated often!

We’ve got 178 days to go until the end of the school year and at least 63 performances scheduled, and most likely a lot of great surprises before May 26.  So let’s do this!

Thank you for your support!