September PTSA Meeting Wrap Up!

Thank you to all of you who were able to make it out to our first PTSA meeting of the year, this past Wednesday.  

We heard from our new principal, Barnaby Payne and new assistant principal, Caitlin Boyle, followed by introductions from all the different organizations at our school - FoSOTA, SSC (which will be holding their elections shortly), PTSA, Wellness Center & Student Government.  There was a great Q&A session on the health & wellness services, the school budget, fundraising and the costs of our AIRs (artists in residence).  If you have additional questions for any of the presenters, please feel free to reach out to them directly.    Their preferred method of contact is noted below.

The best way to stay informed at what is happening at our school is through school loop.  If you have not already signed up for an account, please do!  You can register on the homepage using your student's ID.  Questions? Please reach out to Jason Mironov or your student’s counselor.  On the home page of school loop, there are also links to the Asawa SOTA shows, FoSOTA website, PTSA website and SSC.  

Another great way to stay in touch and communicate with other families is the Asawa SOTA yahoo group.  To subscribe, click HERE!

A very special thank you to all our presenters!  
Barnaby Payne, Principal,
Caitlin Boyle, Assistant Principal,
Gabe Bibliowicz, Student Government President,
Kelsey Hulse, School Nurse, Wellness Center, or via school loop mail
Jeff Brain, SSC president,
Jason Mironov, school loop administrator and academic teacher,
Colleen Ivie, FoSOTA Executive Director,
Angie Doctor, FoSOTA Board of Directors President & Artist-in-Residence,
Sue Schechter, PTSA president,

And please join us for our next PTSA meeting in October.  Date & topic for discussion to be posted shortly!