2019-2020 LIAISONS

Each art discipline has at least one Liaison: a parent (or guardian) volunteer who acts as a link of communication between the art directors and families. They may also be asked by the Administration, School Site Council (SSC), Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA), the College Counselor and Wellness Center to disseminate information to the families of their departments. If you have questions or you would like to be added to their email group, please contact the PTSA Volunteer & Liaison Coordinator.

Questions?  Please contact Barry Schmell, PTSA Volunteer & Liaison Coordinator.


Architecture & Design• Liz Jaroslow & Michelle Regenbogen

Band • Esther Carmona, Suz Dehne, Rachel Friedland, Laura Fankushen, & Yuka Hashimoto

Creative Writing• Lora Ma-Fukuda, Kelly Lockwood & Cara Stimpson

Dance• Andy Ferguson & Amy Brownstein Lum

Guitar• Lori Snyder, Aileen Kositsky & Joe Muehleck

Media & Film Arts • Barry Schmell & Linda Parker Pennington

Musical Theatre•Christie Stokes & Margot Shaub

Orchestra •  Jennifer Furtado, Mary Pointkowski, Charlotte Mosher & Diane Robbins

Piano• Peter Hicks

Spoken Word•Jamae Tasker

Technical Theatre •Kimberly Morgan

Technical Theater: Costume Design •Monica McGee

Theatre • Karla Bobadilla

Visual Arts • Liza Ramrayka & Jacqueline Hanson 

Vocal - Jazz• Suzanne Eick

Vocal - Classical • Amy Heredia

World Music • OPEN

World Dance• Justine Underhill & David Mauroff

Liaison Coordinator •Barry Schmell